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Network marketing a scam you say??? TO ALL THOSE DOUBTERS…check this out!

Mary Kay founded 1963
Arbonne founded 1980
Amway founded 1959
AdvoCare founded 1993
Thirty-One Gifts founded 2003
It Works founded 2001

Which company….
**is debt free?
**has less than 50,000 active distributors worldwide?
**has a first to market product that can’t be duplicated? 
**has a very marketable product?
**had 100 million $$ in sales the first 7 months in 2012 and then doubled it the last 5 months? 
**has Million $$ Earners in ONE year?
**Pays out bonuses of $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 & $100,000 to its distributors? 
**Paid out $10 million $$ in just bonuses last year?
**Has a product that truly works & is affordable?

It Works! Global IS the answer!! BOOM!!

(Just curious… Where do you think the first 50,000 people in those other organizations are now????)

Now is the time to join It Works!!! Let me help you start growing your income instead of shrinking your dreams!!

By working my own business I get to make my own schedule that works for my family and not the other way around!!  I get to help and inspire others which is something I thoroughly enjoy!!

You can do anything YOU are willing to plan and work towards!!  Don’t work someone else’s plan or be blocked from progressing because of someone else’s preference or expectations!!  If they don’t care enough to participate then redesign the plan and do what you can do to reach YOUR goal!!

Progress requires change and movement!!  You got this!!

Today’s Affirmation

You are exactly where you need to be and becoming exactly who you need to be in each moment.  Moments of insecurity are breeding new truth in you as you stay awake, stay open, listen, learn, grow.  Don’t be afraid of the cracks.  They let the light of humility and growth in.  It’s all about openness.

Say to yourself:
I honor all parts of myself, strengths and growth areas alike.


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If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results then why do people keep going to a mediocre job, working 40+ hours a week, doing the same exact thing day in and day out??  Believe it or not there is another way.. It’s called Network Marketing.  It is recession proof and you can earn a residual income, you can earn what you’re worth and there’s no glass ceilings!!  If you’d like to know more email me at for more information!!

Today’s Confirmation

Many of the things you now enjoy were once things that you desired and feared would never arrive.  All things come at the right time and not a moment sooner.  Focus your attention on what you have now, and allow gratitude to melt all fear and anxious desire.

Say to yourself:
I have lightly held but deeply felt appreciation for all parts of my life.

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